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Eyelash Extensions Choosing Training Course

Eyelash Extensions Choosing Training Course

Eyelash Extensions Choosing Training Course

If you love beauty, love to help people, and love to make people feel better about themselves, because this is what eyelash extensions professionals do, they transform peoples life, make people love their new selves more than before. If you love this idea, than this course is definitely for you.

Eyelash Extensions also known as Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions, is the process of applying single synthetic lashes to the natural lashes. The synthetic lashes are weightless, curved and tapered in different thickness, sizes, shapes and colours to extend and replicate the natural lashes style.

Using your Creativity to Design Eyelash Extensions

There are endless design options, here you can use your imagination to create something unique and special, all depending in the proper application, technic and products one uses. When properly applied and maintained the lashes can last from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, with infill varying in between 2 to 3 weeks.

How long is the eyelash Extensions application?

Usually the application takes from 90 to 180 minutes, depending on practice and experience of the technician, have in mind beginners can take more than 180 minutes before get experience. 

How much to charge for the set of eyelash extensions?

Eyelash application prices vary from £30 to £250; there are a lot of factors to consider before you choosing your prices, your personal time, overhead expenses, staffs expenses, leasing expenses, but in my option the principal point is the experience, what will you offer to your clients, in exchange for the price? You cannot charge the same price, working from your living room, if comparing to a central London eyelash salon specialised in eyelash extensions, you got the idea.


The right eyelash extensions training course for you.

Here I want to share some important points before starting your project and before choosing the right course for you.

Ask yourself, what do I want? This is the first step, the Mind Set for become an entrepreneur, and make a decision, because if you know why you are doing something, when the hard times comes, you will be prepared fiscally and mentally. Here is where 95% of beginners fail before the 3 years mark, they don’t have enough reasons, because the reasons will keep you motivated, starting a new business is like planting a seed on the ground, it needs nourishing and care, but after time will breakthrough and become a beautiful tree and will give fruits, the same way is on Eyelash Extensions business, you don’t become successful overnight.

Starting by doing your homework, starting from a good research, you will find a lot of schools out there, lot of information on the web so make sure you take the time to do this right.

The question that will come, with so many schools, which should I pick?

Some important things to consider:

• What are the requirements the schools ask for the course? Some course like Volume Russian Training require experience, for example.

• Where is the school? Will be a Local or you will be travelling? If travelling what are the expenses, hotel, food, etc…

• When you want to do it? It is important to set a date, so you stimulate your brain with the idea, and prepare your ground.

• How much? Set your budget, set a maximum and minimum amount you will be spending. Course in UK vary from £150 to £1500

• What you will learn? What you will get from this course? Qualification and Certificate are important things.

Make a comparison on the schools training method, and before you pick the school, make a list of at least 3, compare the training content, the price, the method, and so on… most of the schools set the training in 2 parts, the theory and the practice, usually taking place over 1 to 2 days:

In most eyelash training schools you will find something like the follow for their training.

1st – The theory.

*Introduction & Overview

*Instruments handling

*Safety & Hygiene

*Application procedure

*Before & after application

*The techniques & products

*Feedback and tips


2nd – The practice.

*Clients profile system.

*Application on the mannequin

*Application on live model

*Do and don’ts

*Trouble shooting 



*Training Kit & Products

Observations and Disclaimer

Have in mind the Certificate will not be available until the final exam, to prove you are able to carry out the school name, this can takes from 2 weeks to 3 months, will depend on your practices, a good thing to do in getting practices is to charge a small charge for the time being until you get your diploma.

I`m talking in general, not naming any particular Eyelash Training School, these are only guide lines, I have created after comparing the most known Eyelash Training School in UK and is to help you understand what to expect from the profession of becoming an Eyelash Extensions Technician.

Training profiles vary from school to school, techniques and products used will vary, but this is the basic you should be looking at when choosing the right training for you. 


Start working from home on your new Eyelash Extensions Business

In UK you will find lots of good eyelash technicians working from home, when I say good, I mean good, names like Agnes dos Santos, who started from her living room and become an Icon on Eyelash Extensions in London, and to be honest it become common thing working from home, due overhead expenses of opening a salon on the high street, and I can say lots if not majority of my clients work from home too.

While working from home appeals good for too many people, this opportunity comes with many responsibilities; business hours, noise levels, make a studio space for your clients feel welcome, you also must be organized and focused on your work.

The family or house mates must be willing to help and accept the idea, also is important to keeping the common areas of the house clean like toilet, corridors, etc.. Where your clients will be walking around.

Here some tips for keep you organized and motivated


Create a cosy and comfortable place to your clients.

Make sure to take breaks, throughout the day.

Set yourself a working time schedule.

Have a social life.

Stay organized.



Handle household tasks during your working time.

Take personal calls while with clients.

Become disorganized.

Let your work slip away, create a routine.

Procrastinate, do tasks on time and keep motivated.  


Equipment needed for start working from home

You will need an upfront investment before you can start with treatments; here is a list of some essentials:

Portable folding couch or massage table;

Upright stand lamp;

Rolling stool or rolling chair;

Drawer to keep your material organised;

Hygiene essentials (head mobs, paper couch, face mask);

Products (The most important is using quality products);


Choosing your Eyelash Extensions Supplier

This is without doubts one of the most important points to keep your business health, choosing the right supplier will alleviate lots of headaches and future problems.

Most of training schools do not supply the products, they deal with 3rd part supplies for their training kits, and this is where you should observe and choose carefully.

Before I start supplying the products I worked as eyelash technician for quite some time, but spot the opportunity to use the knowledge of being eyelash technician and extend this towards the eyelash extensions supplies, and after many years in the market place, using try and error approach and with the collaboration of lash stylists and manufactures all across we designed and developed our own brand PEP, but this is not to talk about that, is to explain the importance of good products and to make easier for you to understand we divided than into 6 categories:

Eyelah Extensions Accessories:

• Application instruments;

• Eye Patches;

• Primer & Cleanser;

• Make-up remover;

• Hygiene essentials;

Eyelah Extensions Adhesives:

• Level 1 (Sensitive);

For clients with sensitive eyes, and for those with allergies;

• Level 2 (Intermediate);

For clients with no sensitive eyes but have some sort of allergies;

• Level 3 (Professional);

For clients with no sensitive or allergies issues, professional use; Patch test must be carried out during consultation, 24 hours before eyelash application for strong eyelash extensions adhesives.

Eyelah Extensions or Eyelash Care:

• Coating sealant;

• Tonic essence;

• Eyeliner;

• Water based mascara;

Eyelah Extensions Lashes:

• Mink lash;

• Silk lash;

• Express lash (Rapid, Y or W);

• Strip lash;

• Real Mink or Fur lash;

Eyelah Extensions Promotional Material:

• Marketing;

• Training Kits;

Eyelah Extensions Tweezers:

• Vetus high precision tweezers;

• I type tweezers;

• F type tweezers;

• X type tweezers;

• Mini scissors;


We are going to talk more in details about the products on another post, this is for general view and understand of different products involved to do a professional eyelash extensions application.