About the company

Founded in 2010, from an idea, a dream of making the world a better place, and to be able to help people develop themselves personally and professionally and have a better life, it was with this idea in mind that we created the Perfect Eyelashes Group, a salon, and a shop in the online format for selling products and services over the internet, and arose from the initiative of entrepreneur Ricardo dos Santos.

After formatting  a lucrative business model with the sale of products specialized in application of eyelash extensions, accessories, glues, after care, tweezers, and kits specially tested and developed by entrepreneur Agnes dos Santos, then we start to build a track record of success, creating then www.perfecteyelashes.co.uk  and www.perfecteyelashesproducts.co.uk for application, services and products established in 2011.

Today, we offer a complete line of products and services for implementation of eyelashes extensions, sold online for all around the world and with salon specializing in eyelashes application in London.

Consolidated, the company has strong structure to meet the professionals demand who work with our products and services, or represent our brand.

Our Mission

Our mission is help people have a better life, to develop their talents, their techniques, their potential, and was thinking about this the Perfect Eyelashes Group was established.

With the intention of help people, we're creating a new blog to share our knowledge and techniques with the professionals in the field of eyelash extensions application through the videos tutorials, e-books, coming up books, and many articles, tips and curiosities, news, trends, through a digital channel, for easy and fast access of information from your computer.

Our company aims to meet the demand generated by the growth in the field of eyelash extensions around the world, and was due to lack of professional information in the subject, after analysing many questions and constant doubts on everyday life regarding the eyelash extensions, we have decided to create our new blog.

Come on in and make yourself comfortable. Welcome to the Perfect Eyelashes!

Countries we deliver

Europe with a vast base of clients in Austria, Belgium,  Czech Republic , Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway,  Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

Worldwide with a vast based of clients in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, U.S.A,

If you are not sure we dispatch to your country, contact us for more information in delivery times and charge for different countries from the stated ones.


Come on in and make yourself comfortable. Welcome to the Perfect Eyelashes! 

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Company details

Eyelash Extensions Supplies



NW10 7LQ

United Kingdom


Email: sales@perfecteyelashesproducts.co.uk

Web: www.perfecteyelashesproducts.co.uk


Office working hours are 11.00am - 4.00pm Monday - Friday. We will aim to respond promptly to all calls, faxes and e-mails received outside of these working hours on the following working day.