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How to Store and Use the Eyelash Extensions Glue

How to Store and Use the Eyelash Extensions Glue

How to Store and Use the Eyelash Extensions Glue

All Eyelash Extensions Technicians have some bad days and bad experiences with the Eyelash Extensions Glue, but it can be made easier with some simple adjustments for better performance but unfortunatelly this is not taught very much in eyelash extensions training.


What Eyelash Extensions Glue Need to Set and Dry

All Individual Eyelash Extensions Adhesive need moisture and heat to set properly and dry. The heat helps the eyelash extensions glue to dry and moisture causes the chemical reaction that set it solid and dry. Each eyelash extensions glue is designed to work under ideal conditions (20º to 25º Celsius and 40% to 60% Humidity). When the environment gets hotter or colder, wetter or drier, the glue will behave differently, than is why you will have some bad days with the glue.


The Correct Environment for the Eyelash Extensions Glue

Our Extreme Bond for example is designed to work at its best from 20º to 25º Celsius and 40% to 60% Humidity. It will still work outside this range but performance will be extremely affected, as changes in behaviour will appear in the way it dry’s and last’s. Other Eyelash Extensions Glue will have different characteristics but you can expect them to quite similar as this range of temperature and humidity (20º to 25º Celsius and 40% to 60% Humidity).

You need to know your working environment. With a Digital Thermometer Hygrometer you will know if there is a problem in your working environment and it will gives you the information to do something, maybe opening the window, or turning the heating off or switching on the air conditioning, small changes that will make the difference.  


Keeping the Eyelash Extensions Glue on safe place

Store your eyelash extensions glue properly. Once opened, the eyelash glues should not be kept on fridge, and if for instance the bottle has been kept in the fridge, remove it to room temperature several hours before eyelash extensions treatment.

By keeping the Eyelash Extensions Glue on room temperature, somewhere dry and dark, will stop the condensation on the inside of the bottle.


Working with the Eyelash Extensions Glue

Over the time you will learn to manage how to use the eyelash extensions glue properly. On a hot and humid day, put out smaller drops of glue every few minutes. Work your way around the stone and make a new drop each time, for the finger ring use one for eat application. Never add glue to the same drop or top up the same glue ring. As soon as the eyelash extensions glue is exposed, it will start the chemical process and eventually will dry. Adding more glue on top of the old drop will not stop the chemical process, and this will affect the strength and lasting time of the eyelash extensions glue.

Tips: Jade Stone, Crystal Stone or Glue Ring must be clean, with no residue from cleaning products or old drops of glue, some technicians cover the stone with tape, and this is a wrong practices, because the tape hold moisture and shorten the life of the eyelash extensions glue. We recommend glue stone stickers, they're quick, easy and ensure you're on a good surface every time.


keeping the eyelash extensions glue safe and in good conditions

1- Method of keeping the adhesive in good condition.

Avoid high temperatures, sunshine or getting soaked in water, also avoid very low temperatures (refrigerator less than 10º) it is best to keep the adhesive on a dry place with temperature between 10º to 23º (Degree Celsius).

*The adhesive don't necessarily have to be kept in refrigerator. This is only for countries with temperature in average 35º Celsius. I these cases the eyelash extensions glue must be kept on room temperature for about 3 hours before application.

2- After using the eyelash extensions adhesive don't close the lid if the glue still running off, wait until the glue stops running. Making a 45º angle helps the glue to sit on the bottom of the bottle. After the adhesive has sat on the bottom of the bottle it's very important to clean the remaining glue around the nozzle.

* If you close the eyelash extensions glue without cleaning the nozzle this will cause not only deterioration but also affect the bonding power (this will make the adhesive weaker).

3- We advise to keep the eyelash extensions adhesive bottle in its safe package, make sure to seal the zipper tightly and don't forget to keep the desiccant (silica gel) inside together with bottle. The adhesive lid should the closed tightly.

* By keeping the eyelash extensions glue in the safe package, it prevents any air passing through, so make sure you remove the air before closing, and the silica gel remove the humidity from the package.

*The eyelash extensions adhesive is a reactive substance. If exposed to high temperatures it will dry quickly. If exposed to low temperatures (refrigerator) it will dry slowly or not dry at all, if the humidity is more than 60% it will damage, need to stay on ambient temperature around 20º to 25º Celsius, and Humidity around 40% to 50%.

*It is very important to keep it at room temperature at the time of eyelash application between 20º to 25º (Degree Celsius).