Eyelash Extensions Products

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Eyelash Extensions Products

Eyelash Extensions Products

Knowledge is a fundamental key for great Eyelash Extensions application. Knowing the Eyelash Extensions Products well and how to use each of them correctly are the basics for a smooth eyelash extension application procedure.

Eyelash Extensions enhance the length, thickness, and fullness of natural eyelashes. They come in all shapes and colours and are mostly made with Mink Lashes, Fur Lashes, Diamond Lashes, Silk Lashes, 3D Russian Lashes or 5D Russian lashes.It is very important to remember that eyelash extensions are not the same as strip lashes sold by retailers and beauty stores and therefore special eyelash extensions training is needed for applying Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash extensions are applied by attaching single synthetic lashes one-by-one to natural lashes with eyelash extensions accessories, special eyelash extensions glue and eyelash extensions tweezers. Since there are many different techniques involved when applying eyelash extensions which need to be professionally conducted by a qualified eyelash extensions technician, must use the correct Eyelash Extensions Accessories, Eyelash Extensions Glue or Adhesive.

Here you can find the essential products for perform Eyelash Extensions application such as Accessories, Adhesives, Eyelash Care, Lashes, Tweezers and Eyelash Training Kits:


Eyelash Extensions Accessories

Eyelash Extensions Accessories are essential tools and instruments to make the eyelash extensions application, and it is of great importance to know different techniques will require different accessories.
Here is a list of essential accessories for eyelash extension application and its sub categories:

Application instruments

Eye Patches

Primer & Cleanser

Makeup Remover

Hygiene Essentials



Eyelash Extensions Adhesives

Eyelash Extensions Adhesive

Level 01 Sensitive

Level 02 Intermediate

Level 03 Professional

Eyelash Care

Eyelash Extensions Eyelash-Care

Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Care


Coating Sealant

Tonic Essence


Makeup Remover



Eyelash Extensions Lashes

Eyelash Extensions Lashes

Mink Lash

Silk Lash

Diamond Lash

Fur Lash

Express Lash

Strip Lash



Eyelash Extensions Tweezers

Tweezers X type (Crossover)

Tweezers I type (Straight)

Tweezers F type (Half curved)

Mini Scissos

Training Kits

Eyelash Extensions Training-Kit

Eyelash Extensions Training Kits

Eyelash Traning Kit Bronze

Eyelash Traning Kit Silver

Eyelash Traning Kit Gold

Important observation: I’ve seen many technicians switching from one supplier to another, and just an observation, lashes and products from one brand does not much with lashes and products from another, each brand has it`s unique lashes and products.

It is important to organize the products you are going to use before you actually start the application because it will ensure that the procedure runs as smooth as possible also will help to find when the supplies are finishing, so you can replace than before it finish.

For the full set Eyelash Extensions application you will essentially need the following products:

air blower pump
glue ring or jade stone (depending on technique used)
U band eyelash holder or silicone pad
synthetic lashes (depending on technique used)
tweezers I and F or tweezers X and F (depending on technique used)
glue remover
eye make-up remover / make-up remover pads
lash primer
mascara wands
micro swabs / cotton bud / cotton pads
head mob
face mask
eye wash solution
alcohol swabs
coating sealant

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