2 minutes Which Eyelash Curl to Use during Eyelash Extensions Application? It seems to be a lot of confusion and doubts about which eyelash curl to use on your clients during the eyelash extensions application, and it is quite simple to understand and if you use this tecnique, your application time will be quicker and will get happy and good return clients. First things First. Understand that your client`s natural lashes will always dictate which eyelash curl to use on the eyelash extensions application, Continue

5 minutes How to Store and Use the Eyelash Extensions Glue All Eyelash Extensions Technicians have some bad days and bad experiences with the Eyelash Extensions Glue, but it can be made easier with some simple adjustments for better performance but unfortunatelly this is not taught very much in eyelash extensions training. If you are in the Eyelash Extensions Business… We do recommend our professional Lash Extensions Glue ⤵ Visit Our Online Store (For Professional Eyelash Products) Free Shipping (Worldwide) 👉 www.perfecteyelashesproducts.co.uk What Eyelash Extensions Continue